Tom (Jen)

self-appointed defender of freedom and higher ideals, Tom's constant lust for new experiences and knowledge, belie her often eerie wisdom. An ageless beauty of mysterious origins, her allies find her a boon... while her enemies lie defeated.


Ardent – Good/Unaligned

  • STR 8, CON 12, DEX 10, INT 12, WIS 20, CHA 20
  • HP 74, 8 Surges/Day
  • AC 24, FORT 19, REF 18, WILL 23
  • Speed 6 (most of the time)
  • Language(s)- Common
  • Initiative 9
(well, “Ravenclaw” Fullblade, if you wanna be a technicality Nazis)
  • Attk: +15 (16 w/ at-wills vs. bloodied creatures)
  • 1[W] Dmg = 1d12
Trained Skills
  • Bluff 15
  • Diplomacy 15
  • History 13
  • Intimidate 15
  • also a racial +2 on Insight
  • Weapon Proficiency (Fullblade)
  • Weapon Expertise (Fullblade)
  • Divine Healer (adds Wis mod to my healing abilities [excluding those that grant temp hp])
  • Heartening Surge (adds 1 to the Argent Surge defense bonus)
  • Improved Initiative
  • Toughness
  • Impending Victory (+1 attack with at-will powers against bloodied creatures)

6 Power Points/ Encounter

Powers (all from Ardent, unless otherwise noted)

  • Energizing Strike (lvl 1)
  • Prescient Strike (lvl 3)
  • Courageous Strike (lvl 7)
  • Ardent Alacrity (class feature)
  • Ardent Surge (class feature)
  • Bastion of Mental Alacrity (racial ability)
  • Implanted Suggestion (lvl 1)
  • Fate Exchange (lvl 5) – Reliable
  • Feast of Despair (lvl 9)
  • False Bravado (lvl 2) – Skill Utility Power (Bluff) from PHB3 – At-Will
  • Mend Wounds (lvl 6)- Daily
  • Tower of Iron Will (lvl 10) – Daily
Miscellaneous Abilities (passive)
  • Dual Soul (racial ability)
  • Telepathy 5 (racial ability)
  • Mantle of Clarity (class feature)
Items (2087.9 GP)
  • Ravenclaw Fullblade (Dragon Mag 381/ Character Builder) Lvl 8, ability is at-will
  • Quicksilver Chainmail (PHB 3) Lvl 10, ability is encounter minor
  • Acrobat Boots (PHB) Lvl 2, ability is at-will minor
  • Amulet of False Life +2 (PHB) Lvl 9, ability is Daily Minor (falls into heroic tier item use restrictions)
  • Obsidian Steed (Adventure’s Vault) Lvl 5, use is daily standard
  • Iron Armbands (PHB) Lvl 6, n/a

Born in a slave camp to parents captured from a newly-conquered, formerly-democratic neighbor of the Inspired One/Quori-dominated Riedra, “the girl called Tom’s” life path was already destined to be anything but normal from the womb.

A rebel Quori, seeking a host to aid its escape from oppression in the Dream Realm (Dal Quor), stumbled upon the fetus as it developed – flawless, save that it was not developing lungs. The Quori was intrigued by the child’s intrinsic intellect/wisdom and psionic abilities. While not a fully-compatible host, the Quori knew it would not find better given its urgency, and began to communicate with the developing human female. The girl, upon realizing that she would suffocate upon birth, decided that she wanted to try to live – and that she wanted to help the voice that had accompanied her through the dark. A mutualism – a Kalashtar – was formed.

At first, while the Quori found it relatively easy to keep the girl physically alive, it could barely touch her subconsious due to their relatively low compatibility. Thus, the girl was basically alone for her first few years – her father unknown and her mother dead from child birth. Her masters spent many of her formative years trying to mold her into a good slave, but even without encouragement from her Quori partner, she found herself “out-thinking” their psychological and emotional manipulations/illusions and yearning for freedom. By her early teen years, the Quori had merged enough with her to begin to actively aid her, enhancing her natural psionic abilities and advising her until the nameless “Slave Girl #13” (as her masters had called her) became strong enough to escape.

She began to wander the world, taking on the nickname that the other slaves had bestowed upon her, “Tom” (the “girl” who prefers “men’s work,” as they used to say), as her given name. ::insert many adventures here – helping those in need and fighting for a world free from oppression – not to mention stuff that was just fun to do:: After what should of been a lifetime’s worth of wandering and moments where she “should’ve died,” however, it became obvious that the Quori’s efforts at keeping her alive, were also keeping her from aging significantly and from dying. Although she still felt pain and could be (mortally) injured, given enough time, she could regenerate from anything – she was an immortal.

While not wholly elated, she did not miss nor negate the positives of the situation – she could take a “long-term” view of this world; she could use (as few others could) decades, centuries of personally accumulated knowledge, wisdom, and experience to shape the world around her. Her efforts against Riedra and the Quori majority – and oppression in general – need not be so limited.

Towards the end of the Last War, Tom decided to have a child – a son. She does not speak of this much, if at all, but he fought for Breland in the closing years of the war, as did his mother. Unfortunately, however, he did not share his mother’s immortality, and died. The impact of the event on her cannot be described in words – any wall that held the torrents of her emotions in-check was rent open, releasing the waves and shards of terrifying feeling within.

When at last the pain had decimated even her will to live, she threw herself into a volcano. Maybe she thought it could kill her, maybe not, but all that remains is the fact that it did not. From among the sediments of rivers and clouds of ash that moved her essentia along through the cycles of the world, she eventually returned. Recently awakened, she finds her anguish ameliorated and parts of her knowledge missing… but not her will to keep moving and to keep fighting for her principles.

She is currently heading into the city of Sharn, “since it was closest,” having geared up on the way… she begins again…

Tom (Jen)

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