Gilder Garnkeed (Ben)

On the Warforged's left arm a great deal of intricate runes adorn a light gold material. The rest of him is a dull shade of gold with more spaced out markings.


====== Created Using Wizards of the Coast D&D Character Builder ====== gilder new, level 10 Warforged, Fighter|Runepriest Runic Artistry: Wrathful Hammer Hybrid Talent: Rune Master Background: Cannith Warforged (+2 to Insight)

FINAL ABILITY SCORES Str 20, Con 17, Dex 14, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 8.

STARTING ABILITY SCORES Str 16, Con 13, Dex 14, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 8.

AC: 26 Fort: 23 Reflex: 19 Will: 21 HP: 75 Surges: 11 Surge Value: 18

TRAINED SKILLS Insight +14, Endurance +13, Athletics +13

UNTRAINED SKILLS Acrobatics +6, Arcana +5, Bluff +4, Diplomacy +4, Dungeoneering +7, Heal +7, History +5, Intimidate +8, Nature +7, Perception +7, Religion +5, Stealth +5, Streetwise +4, Thievery +5

FEATS Level 1: Warforged Tactics Level 2: Hybrid Talent Level 4: Skill Power Level 6: Armor Proficiency (Plate) Level 8: Deft Hurler Style Feat User Choice: Weapon Expertise (Heavy Blade) Level 10: Longhand Student

POWERS Hybrid at-will 1: Cleave Hybrid at-will 1: Word of Diminishment Skill Power: Mighty Sprint Hybrid encounter 1: Executioner’s Call Hybrid daily 1: Rune of the Undeniable Dawn Hybrid utility 2: Icon of Victory Hybrid encounter 3: Word of the Blinding Shield Hybrid daily 5: Bedeviling Assault Hybrid utility 6: Unbreakable Hybrid encounter 7: Come and Get It Hybrid daily 9: Unconquered Redoubt Hybrid utility 10: Rune of the Astral Winds

ITEMS Force Mordenkrad +2, Black Iron Layered Plate Armor +2, Periapt of Cascading Health +2, Iron Armbands of Power (heroic tier), Gauntlets of Blood (heroic tier), Grappling Hook, Chain (10 ft.) (6), Adventurer’s Kit, Acrobat Boots (heroic tier), Farbond Spellblade Glaive +3 ====== Copy to Clipboard and Press the Import Button on the Summary Tab ======


Unlike most Warforged, Gilder was not created for battle. Gilder was an experiment resulting from the theories that surround runic power and it’s possible uses as a supplement to arcane manipulation of constructs AKA mechanical and arcane artifice.

Why bother creating such a theoretical Warforged in the first place? You’d likely have to be insane, or just incredibly obsessed and narrow minded with your work. Enter Garnkeed, an unscrupulous dwarf who fits these descriptions and many more. Garnkeed is, like most who tinker with Warforged, an Artificer. He was attempting to create the perfect tool. This tool would allow him to study in detail the amalgamation of his own fantastic mechanical and arcane artifice ability with that of divine runic power. However, creating this tool, this Warforged, would take more than just the skills of an artificer. Garnkeed required the assistance of someone who could interpret and translate runic power into a manipulative form. With this Garnkeed could create a creature that met his specifications.

Garnkeed found this person relatively quickly. The dwarf ended up employing the one person who got him interested in runic power in the first place. Finally, with a concerted effort between himself and his newly acquired assistant, Garnkeed began the arduous task of creating and manipulating life.

Garnkeed’s assistant at the behest of the dwarf poured all of his meager yet sufficient knowledge of the divine runes of power into the molding of this individual. Dense materials, mixed and distilled and then heated and forged were inscribed with runes of various meaning. Protection. Destruction. Mending. These were but a few of the markings that now covered the shell of Garnkeed’s best work to date.

It was now time, time for Garnkeed to bring into the world his tool. Regrettably, before Garnkeed could finish his work he had to take care of one last obstacle. On the day before Gilder’s creation, Garnkeed’s assistant was denied the satisfaction of seeing the culmination of his effort. At rest in his bed the assistant was torn apart by the mechanical contraptions of the dwarf he had worked with for so many long nights. Even as they had both worked together in the forging process; Garnkeed had mulled over the possibilities of his assistant disliking his plans. They both knew their creation would be sentient and as far as Garnkeed was concerned, his creation, his tool, following his will. But now Garnkeed’s assistant was dead and with him gone there were no more ethical “problems” to consider as well as glory that had to be shared. (that is if you discount the ethical problem of brutal murder)

The forge shuddered and sputtered. Like so many successful creations of Garnkeed’s before, the result of this racket was a creature of steel, wood, and life. Liquids and fibers churned and stretched respectively, runes and mechanisms glowed and turned. Thus the studying and experimentation could finally, truly, begin.

All was well for Garnkeed, weeks, months, even years passed as he ordered around his creation. It was only by chance that on a specific night during a routine rune manipulation experiment that he mentioned his previous assistant. Truthfully, he had been mumbling to himself. He wasn’t answering a question, his creation never asked questions. No, Garnkeed was merely mumbling, thinking, rationalizing.

“Can I meet my other creator?”

A question! Phrased in the particular way that only a question can be. A subtle change in speaking that seemed to call out for an answer. How could he have been so careless! The daily but enjoyable monotony of studying and experimenting with his creation must have caused a lapse in his judgment. Despite having kept the Warforged effectively isolated for two years he made the mistake of assuming that this Warforged could not be interested in it’s own creation. Garnkeed thought himself a fool! He did reply however.

“What you are asking me is not relevant, your work is relevant. Continue your work.”

Heeding his words the Warforged continued it’s delicate manipulation of a rune of destruction. Well, it would have continued its delicate manipulation if it still had the correct number of fingers to do so. While the Warforged was listening to Garnkeed’s answer the rune of destruction had destabilized rapidly. This resulting destabilization took with it a large number of the digits on the Warforged’s right hand as well as a chunk of it’s upper right shoulder. Luckily this was the only damage done as shortly afterward the distortion sucked itself away in a dark ebbing of necrotic energy.

Garnkeed grimaced as he pondered over the brief but furious reaction that destroyed parts of his tool. The same tool he had labored over for nights on end. What right did his own creation have to harm itself. Now Garnkeed was visibly agitated.

“Listen well as I shall only tell you this once. Your questioning has caused you to lose focus. A tool that can not be focused is worthless! You are damaged as well! Unfocused and damaged! If you were not so valuable a tool you would be scrapped!” Further mumbling to himself Garnkeed fetched a small vial of liquid from his pocket and began to walk towards the Warforged.

“That is not necessary” stated the Warforged. It was simple, if it had damaged itself it must be the one to repair the damage. After all, a tool that could fix itself need not worry about being damaged. Albeit this did not solve the problem of being unfocused.

“What do you mean no-” Garnkeed stopped mid sentence. The runes from the Warforged’s left digits and left shoulder began to glow, exactly opposite the damaged areas on the opposing side of the Warforged. As these runes continued to glow the original destructive distortion reappeared. This previously dangerous energy began to reintegrate the parts of the Warforged that the distortion had originally atomized off of it’s frame. In a time span of mere seconds Garnkeed’s creation had fully reformed its damaged body.

Amazing! Garnkeed was no longer agitated but instead intensely fascinated. He had heard of very few Warforged that had the power to heal. Most Warforged were just soldiers, very few knew the arts of healing and those that did usually had to learn it. But this! This seemed all too natural for his creation, something not learned but understood since it’s conception! He had to test this ability further…

“You seem happy about this sir. I believe I am now a complete and whole being once again, no longer damaged or tarnished by my own failure. However, I can’t seem to refocus myself as you have requested. I believe the only way to do so is for you to answer my question.” The Warforged was once again curious. Although being curious was a fairly strange feeling it seemed right. From what it had heard earlier it had another creator. Something compelled it to learn about this person.

_“He’s not important, what’s important is what you have not shown me these two years.. What I have not tested. What I have not seen! So you can heal from such a wound, but, what about this!” _Garnkeed was close to the Warforged now, very close. At this proximity it was a simple matter of extending his hand and rearranging through arcane means a portion of his creation. On the Warforged’s left arm a small charge like device appeared and as Garnkeed stepped back it exploded. The crafted explosive was intricately created to sever whatever appendage it had been attached to. The rune covered arm fell to the floor accompanied with a gush of vital fluids.

“Fix that quickly. With such significant damage I can easily observe the effects of your ability to reconstruct yourself. If possible perform your healing slowly, I must understand what is occurring here.” Garnkeed expectantly watched the Warforged as it was forced to its knees by the loss of it’s left arm.


Curiosity, it was a strange feeling. The Warforged never really felt the need to be curious before. Perhaps it’s other creator would one day visit it? Maybe it could show him it’s ability to fix itself. Wait, what was that sound? What was that noise? A distinct lack of balance followed by complete inability to focus and incredible pain. The movements of Garnkeed’s arcane manipulations were too fast for the Warforged to catch. The creation’s arm hit the floor with a thud as it also came to rest on it’s knees.

A brief but telling moment of shock, the Warforged was once again immediately aware of it’s surroundings. Backup biological systems present in any Warforged model, changed or not, became active and began to work.

Anger, it was a strange feeling. The Warforged never really felt the need to be angry before.

Garnkeed expectantly watched the Warforged as it pushed itself off its knees.


Although not the whole story; Gilder remembers these select memories the most. Garnkeed was not killed by his creation, merely.. mangled. After all, those dwarfs who become Artificers have a nasty habit of being almost as resilient as their own creations.

Despite his strange upbringing Gilder took to the outside world fairly rapidly. This was mostly due to necessity. He did take part briefly in the Last War. This was mainly to experience combat firsthand, but he was ever wary of being found. Found by those in league with Garnkeed of House Cannith. It was only with the passage of the Treaty of Thronehold that Guilder finally lived doing exactly what he wanted to do.

Currently Guilder has become fascinated with various religions, he has paid homage to Onatar and Olladra of the divine host. Onatar for his representation of the forge and Olladra for her representation of freedom. His true desire however, lies in discovering what may be needed to create The Becoming God. Perhaps the divine runes of power he seeks can be a catalyst towards the creation.

He is currently 37 years old.

Gilder Garnkeed (Ben)

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