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Expedition to Xen'Drik

The party finds somebody who may be able to help them..

After last weeks incident, the party decided to go to their respective rooms for the night and meet up the following day at the Bloated Goat to decide what to do. In the meantime:

- Axle went to a House Sivis Enclave to make contact with his employer, informing them that the phylactery is with him. There’s just some complications.

- Tom made contact with Jobe who had hired her previous night, and he had offered up a safehouse at a discount but was still more than the party could afford at this point.

- Agga had went and talked with Cromwell explaining the situation. Cromwell suggested seeking out an artificer by the name of Quincy Redbadger who works for the university but is currently on expedition in Xen’drik. Cromwell supplies Agga with a House Lyrander voucher for fare on an airship to get there and with a ritual scroll to help him on his journey. Meeting back up at the Bloated Goat they went up to Tom’s room to discuss their plan in private. After finding out the price for the safehouse, Glorrent comes up with the idea to forge a write for credit to House Kundarak using his Writ of Retrieval with his house’s seal on it as an example. The party pools together their collective skills and manage to forge a pretty believable copy.

Not long after they had finished, Tom sees a familiar figure in the mirror standing right behind her. Only detectable to Tom until it decides to materialize in the middle of the room, dimming the lights and telekinetically shutting the balcony door locking The Amazing Agga out on the balcony for almost the whole entirety of the fight. This figure has a porcelain painted mask floating in the hood of a seemingly formless robe of pitch blackness, attacking the party with tendrils of shadow coming from all directions. After a heated battle and a near death incident for Tom. The Amazing Agga recalls some word of creatures like this hailing from the dream realm of Dal Quor. Tom explains that she has had visions of them for some time, but this is the first time one has actually materialized.

The party passed off their forgery and spent the night in the Ghallanda safe house planning to leave by airship the following morning to Xen’Drik. After a day of travel on the ship, the party awoke to find the ship was being attacked by air pirates. The pirates didn’t stand much of a chance since they weren’t prepared for such resistance. However due to a spell Agga had cast on the pirate captain blocking her vision the airships eventually collided causing the party’s ship to tilt becoming more and more dangerous causing their footing to slip and possibly fall of the edge. After some impressive battle tactics and Gilder knocking several of the pirates overboard himself the party decided to board the enemy ship with only it’s captain remaining as it made it’s getaway.


Sorry for the semi-wall of text. For some reason when I had it formatted with actual paragraphs it wouldnt come out right when actually reading it. But when i merged 2 paragraphs together it came out fine.

Expedition to Xen'Drik

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